6 thoughts written in Brisbane on Gilets Jaunes



  1. Now huge upsurges of popular protest arrive as a shock, are full of messy contradictions and sit outside of the certainties of the historical Left and Workers movement.
  2. The stratifications that exists amongst the people are both active and present in these explosions and can be challenged and subverted by the encounters going on in the streets.
  3. The methods of struggle aim to block capital not at the site of production but at the choke points of circulation.
  4. The post-2011 radical social democratic projects appear on the wrong side of the barricades.
  5. These upsurges expose the lack of space the state has to offer a new set of reformist policies.
  6. A completely different way of organising social life is an immediate need.


Many excellent reports and discussions on Gilets Jaunes can be found at ediciones ineditos

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