Marx’s Textbook Ep.1: An Introduction to the Critique of Capitalism & of Economics


This is the first episode of a new Living The Dream series entitled Marx’s Textbook. In each episode Dave(@withsobersenses) takes a chapter of a basic macroeconomics textbooks – in this case Littleboy (2013) – summarises the content and then presents how Marx can help us think about these issues and challenge the dominant assumptions. What we find is that Marx doesn’t just provide different answers rather he compels us to ask different questions. Each episode will only be approx. 30 minutes long and is aimed at helping people to understand and critique both capitalism and economics as an ideology. No prior knowledge of Marx or macroeconomics is required.

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Further reading: “Capital”after MEGA: Discontinuities, Interruptions, and New Beginnings

by Michael Heinrich


Littleboy, Bruce, et al.,. 2013. Macroeconomics : Principles and Practice. Asia Pacific: Cengage Learning Australia ProQuest Ebook Central,

4 thoughts on “Marx’s Textbook Ep.1: An Introduction to the Critique of Capitalism & of Economics

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  1. Love this idea and will be listening regularly, I admit to being no expert of economics, macro or otherwise. Having done a major in politics and sociology I have a pretty good grasp of Marx from those perspectives but don’t feel the same confidence in engaging with the ideological assumptions of economics. Therefore I enjoyed the intro that contrasts the mainstream approach of universality with Marxs historical analysis. I recognise all the arguments but putting them together in this context will be really helpful.

  2. Yeah, that was great. A really accessible introduction both to Marx and more mainstream ideas of economics. Thanks for putting the time in to make it – really looking forward to the later installments.

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