Living The Dream in 2019!

Living The Dream in 2019!

2019! Wooooo! In this episode of Living The Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) take off the party-hats, pick the streamers from their shoulders of their tuxedo jackets, set aside the Champagne flutes and have a chat about what 2018 was all about what we think is going to happen in 2019. Climate Change, fascism, #libspill, disaster communism, power prices, radical social democracy, #changetherules, #metoo, book recommendations and angry clowns air boxing whilst riding unicycles – this episode has it all!

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Stuff we mention includes:

Cronulla 2.0? : Racist assembly @ St Kilda Beach, Saturday, January 5, 2019

Kieran’s Review

Stephen Wertheim – Return of the Neocons

Keir Milburn and Bertie Russell – What can an institution do? Towards Public-Common partnerships and a new common-sense

Cinzia Arruzza – From Women’s Strikes to a New Class Movement: The Third Feminist Wave

Endnotes – The Holding Pattern

Salvage Editorial Collective – Salvage Perspectives #6: Evidence of Things Not Seen

Out of the Woods – The Uses of Disaster

The Dig – The Green New Deal with Kate Aronoff

Madeline Lane-McKinley – #MeToo From Below

What’s going on with Change the Rules? A report from the Melbourne Delegates Meeting 25th September

Jobs You Can Count On – a secure work future for Australia

Goodbye Neoliberalism

Class War #73 Class War is Dead…Lone Live the Class War

The Universalism Debate

Music by Tom Waits

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  1. Great podcast as always comrades! thanks for putting the time in. I do think however, that perhaps the call that ‘RAFFWU was the one bright spot in union organising in 2018’ was a bit off the mark? There has been lots of interesting organising happening around the joint: the farm workers organising in rural Australia I think is perhaps the most politically interesting organising that has happened in Australia for 20 years. Also – Sydney waterfront workers walked off the job *twice* completely shutting the biggest container terminal in Australia, in pursuit of political, ‘extra-industrial’ (sort of) aims. The demo in Melbourne was fkn HUGE, and much bigger than the some of its parts. RAFFWU – and I love RAFFWU – is in a lot of ways a traditional, old school workplace organising project. It just happens in the context of yellow union. I’m stoked that they’re having a swing, but to single them out is i reckon perhaps a bit blinkered?

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