Living the Dream after the Plebiscite and amongst the Alt-Right


In this episode Dave (@withsobersenses) and Jon (@jonpiccini) catch up with Simon Copland (@SimonCopland) ‏ again. We talk about how despite the plebiscite being a fantastic victory the Left (for lack of a better term) seems determined to see it as a defeat and what the impact of this is. Simon also talks about going to, live tweeting from and then writing about a recent Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux talk and his thoughts about how the struggle against reaction can be renovated.

Things we mention include:

Simon Copland – Racists on speaking tour: rethinking our response

Alison Pennington – On the Plebiscite: Beyond Defeatism, Moralism and the Politics of Scarcity

Red Action – Declaration Of Independence

You can find Simon’s work here and our older episode with him here

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2 thoughts on “Living the Dream after the Plebiscite and amongst the Alt-Right

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  1. A lot of things to react to here, various things I was reminded of during the course of the discussion:
    On victimhood, I’ve not read much of it beyond a few chapters, but Sarah Schulman’s Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair seems like a really fascinating exploration.
    I also thought Tom Whyman’s recent piece on “generation snowflake” was very good:
    The victimhood thing also reminded me of recent discussions about trans issues (are terfs a thing in Australia, or do you just send them over here like with Germaine Greer?) – an image of women as permanent victims in need of protection is obviously pretty central to trans-exclusionary feminism, leading to utterly batshit stuff like portraying women’s prisons as being essentially “safe spaces” that need to be protected. On the other side, I guess a lot of Simon’s points about the portrayal of queer/trans people as victims would apply to a lot of pro-trans arguments too.
    On no platform, I think that discussions of tactics in the abstract are generally not that helpful, but in particular the handwringing liberal centrist perspective on no platform is really bad – what we really need is *a materialist perspective* that doesn’t just talk about “speech” in the abstract but looks at the resources needed for various speech acts to be heard, because that then opens up the potential to understand no platform (or at least some instances of it) as a profoundly democratic, bottom-up approach that calls into question and allows popular participation in decisions about how resources are used, decisions that are normally quietly made behind closed doors.
    If you’ve not heard of them already, I think Football Lads & Lasses Against Fascism are a really interesting attempt at a revival of 1970s/80s style antifascism:
    On the libertarian to nazi pipeline, there’s this:
    I also think the figure of Pinochet is really important for the “libertarian” alt-right imagination – for the sort of people who think the nazis were really socialists, Pinochet was a true free market, Reagan’n’Thatcher approved libertarian.
    On working with people to offer a way out of far-right groups, I thought this interview was really fascinating:
    They do say “cadre” a lot though.
    Anyway, those notes are pretty incoherent, but those are some thoughts that went through my head while listening.

    1. Hey nothingiseverlost thanks for the comments and links – I’ll check them out. And yes the debate in the UK between radical feminists and feminists who support trans-liberation is starting to heat up here. Still pretty small

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