More than just squatting; An Interview with Social Log Bologna.

An excellent and inspiring post about struggles in Italy via a comrade in Melbourne



With an upturn of interest in ‘the housing question’ in Melbourne, or more broadly in Australia, we thought we’d ask some questions of our friends at the Social Log collective in Bologna, Italy, about their squatting projects and their connection to the broader working class movement.

Social Log is a collective of ‘autonomia’, a branch of Marxism which has parallels with anarchist theory given Autonomia’s focus on self-organisation, grassroots initiatives and social reproduction, and struggle outside the direction of vanguardist parties and ‘official’ unions. They run a number of projects, including a ‘desk’ or ‘pop-up’ where they distribute propaganda related to issues affecting the workers of Bologna, and help connect activists between different struggles. One major squat they initiated and supported was an ex-Telecom building, which housed over 300 people, mostly migrants from the North African community. This was violently evicted not long ago by 200 officers and 40…

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