Watching s11 on TV

“Surely the time of the soothsayers, who divined what lay hidden in the lap of the future, was experienced neither as homogenous nor as empty. Whoever keeps this in mind will perhaps have an idea of how past time was experienced as remembrance: namely, just the same way. It is well-known that the Jews were forbidden to look into the future. The Torah and the prayers instructed them, by contrast, in remembrance. This disenchanted those who fell prey to the future, who sought advice from the soothsayers. For that reason the future did not, however, turn into a homogenous and empty time for the Jews. For in it every second was the narrow gate, through which the Messiah could enter.” – Benjamin

revolts now

September the eleventh in the year 2000. This was s11. As part of a global uprising against neo-liberalism, Melbourne was the setting for one of the most remarkable radical actions in Australian history. To all those who took part, in a spirit of rebellion, desire, defiance and liberation, thank you.

Sadly I didn’t make it to s11. As I was preparing to go, my landlord (bastard!) decided that he wanted to kick my family out of our home and put the rent up. So, while I was considering whether I could go to blockade the World Economic Forum, where the rich and powerful would discuss and decide how to continue to destroy our lives, the harsh world of capitalist social relations threw my life into more chaos. During the months leading up to s11, I was involved in the Wollongong s11 collective, which helped to organise in preparation for the…

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