The Ruling Class Tremble: Global Civil War & the Strategy of Tension

revolts now

 ruling class tremble

There are two groups of people the ruling class fears the most – each other and us. Because of these fears, the different factions of capital both compete and cooperate with each other. Today, there is intensified struggle between different capitalist gangs who are putting neoliberalism, social democracy, state capitalism and fascism all on the table, to address multiple threats. As the current global order crumbles, ‘a many headed hydra’ of resistance, rebellion and revolt rises to challenge the system, compelling those who benefit most from capitalism to find some common ground. In this article I explore the ‘global civil war’ within capitalism and the ‘global strategy of tension’ deployed to maintain capitalism, highlighting the fear of ‘our rulers’, how they maintain their power, and how they try to subdue those who oppose them.

I write this article with some apprehension. In exploring things I dread, I’m nervous about…

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