Stranger Choices: Getting ready for the hangover



In part four of our three part series on the Qld election we talk about what can we expect after the votes have been counted and what does this mean for emancipatory politics, where can we draw our hope and power from and what do we mean by ‘we’ anyway?

Music by Razar

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3 thoughts on “Stranger Choices: Getting ready for the hangover

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  1. You were having burritos in Coorparoo and didn’t invite me – AND you name-checked Leonard Cohen’s ‘Waiting for a Miracle’ – that’s two of my favourite things.

    Seriously though – it was a good conversation – enough to make me go and have a listen to the earlier ones. I think you are barking up the right tree – at least. Struck a number of chords but I thought too it was worth mentioning the far-left’s Manichean tendency which LP made some comments on his blog this morning.

    Be good to look at Syriza and – amidst the euphoria and particularities of Greece – look at what they have been doing to position their organisation the way they have (not just in the election).

    And so yes where to from here?

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