Wollongong Workers’ Research Centre: An interview with Mike Donaldson

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scan0001During the 1980s the Wollongong Workers’ Research Centre (WRC) produced about twenty five reports for various local unions and community organisations. The WRC was established to help workers investigate their own firm, the area in which they lived and worked, and the particular economic, political and social problems faced by working people in the Illawarra. It attempted to assist activists within the labour movement to understand capitalist crisis so they could better formulate demands, programmes and strategies around which to organise and mobilise in defending their living standards, jobs and rights.

Mike Donaldson was the founding Secretary of the WRC and wrote a number of the WRC’s reports. During this time Mike was also a sociologist at the University of Wollongong, a trade union activist and a prominent member of the Communist Party of Australia. He was interviewed in 2013 by me about the Centre’s establishment and activities.

When was…

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