To the defenders of politics and Qanda

Holiday in Arcadia

A number of authors have written about anti-political sentiment as a defining feature of our period- a sentiment opposed to mainstream politics and it’s organs- parliaments, the mainstream media etc. etc. Essentially, the anti-political is a pervasive mood of disgust at official politics. However, recent controversy over the Q&A disruption has, I fear, thrown into stark light the opposite of the anti-political, the pro-political. We saw them yesterday, brightly illuminated, roving twitter, bemoaning the “rowdy” protestors who had “hurt their own cause” and “wouldn’t even listen to the opposition” as if any surprises were ever coming from Pyne.

The opinions of the pro-political on the issues vary though they are usually some form of soppy liberalism. Mere issues and particular positions are not what, in the first instance, capture their attention. What matters to the pro-political is that we are a Democracy. A Democracy works in certain way. A Democracy…

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