Q&A and the Liberal Left

History of the Present

Politics: Australia, You’re Doing it Wrong

Politics, by which I mean open deliberation, debate and decision-making by ordinary citizens about issues of public concern, has become so foreign to the modern Australian mindset that its occasional appearance is met with a mixture of hostility and disbelief.

Last night, horror must have struck into the hearts of liberals everywhere as Tony Jones, host of popular ABC show Q&A, begun glancing around the studio anxiously. Following two pointed questions at Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, a number of students in the audience unfurled a banner and started chanting slogans against the Liberal government’s education cuts.

After attempting to silence the students, Mr Jones realised the show would have to be interrupted. “There’s nothing I can do,” he said, with an air of defeat. The loonies were running the asylum. The students chanted “no cuts, no fees, no corporate universities,” and the banner…

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